Lisa Daniels Writer Behind The Chair

I was a hairdresser in the Washington DC area for 24 years, retired, moved to NYC, remarried and I’m now working on a book about my time behind the chair. I am crazy curious about other people’s lives. I want to know what choices people make and why, how people live and why, how people think and why. Being a hairstylist provided the perfect vantage point to learn all this about the people who came to me over the years and, I think, about people in general.  I was in the perfect position to get to know hundreds and hundreds of people and to know most of them as well as anyone else in their lives, often better. We are all more alike than we imagine.

I’m interested in the intersection of the superficial and the profound, the ego and our true, inner selves.  I love hair, make-up and fashion as pure fun and also as self-expressive art that, like all art, reflects who we are and the culture we live in. I love my fellow hairdressers, my talented, fun, compassionate tribe.  I’ll introduce you to some of my faves and share their stories from behind the chair too.

It’s a strange new experience for me to be getting my voice out there because really what I am is a listener. I did it my whole life, intensely for the 24 years behind my chair, and continue still.  But I find too that after all these years of listening — I have a lot to say. I hope you recognize yourself somewhere in all of this and enjoy.